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I have a special passion for the stars as they have always held a particular appeal for me. Thanks to the exceptional location of La Palma, it is one of the best places for stargazing. I had the opportunity to see millions of stars, planets and constellations up close with the Ad Astra team, who opened our eyes to the universe and everything surrounding us. Seeing the sky in such a pure way, without any light at all invading the darkness, makes your hair stand on end, as you realise how small we are and what big things are out there, waiting to be discovered. Without a doubt, La Palma by night is a magical dream you have to experience.

La Palma

Visión de las Estrellas
Ctra. la Costa el Faro, 5, 38740 Santa Cruz de La Palma, España

0034 696 186 633 // 0034 922 696 002   |   WEB

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