In the framework of the Capital Contribution administered by Promotur to boost the air connectivity of the Canary Islands - the Capital Contribution received from the Regional Ministry of Tourism, Industry and Trade - and in a context as exceptional as the one we are now experiencing, in which all air connectivity has been lost, it has become necessary to drive, reactivate and recover tourism activity in the Islands. In this context, the granting of a new promotional incentive has been planned to re-establish air routes to the Canary Islands and recover connectivity and tourism in the region. This will take place through the act of granting promotional incentives aimed at air carriers that perform commercial air transport operations originating in any part of the Spanish territory, a Member State of the EU or a third State, to the Canary Islands airports.

This call for applications for Promotional Incentives is governed by the principles of openness, transparency, objectivity and efficiency for the performance of the purpose of the action to reactivate and recover the Islands’ tourism activity, to boost the recovery of the air transport sector and, indirectly, of other sectors of the Canary Islands economy that have been harmed by the social, economic and health crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, including tourism, by promoting the

re-establishment of the air routes that connect the Islands with the rest of the Spanish territory, countries in the European Union and third countries neighbouring the European Union that are tourist-generating markets for the Islands, thus reactivating air connectivity and boosting tourism in the Canary Islands, the main driver of the economy of an archipelago that is an outermost region far from continental Europe, a circumstance that limits other activities and production sectors and is closely linked to air transport.

The domestic or international commercial flights or air routes that come under the present conditions will be those operated by the air carriers during the months of November and December of the present year, 2020, and the calculation for considering the expenditure per seat/flight operated eligible for this incentive will run from 01 November to 31 December 2020.


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