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Jue, 26/11/2020 - 08:44

The Canary Islands website publishes a list of authorised centres to enable tourists to take COVID-19 tests

A list of authorised centres in the United Kingdom for carrying out COVID-19 tests

Turismo de Islas Canarias is compiling a list of authorised testing centres in source countries and on the islands for people to be able to have diagnostic tests for COVID-19. This will enable interested parties to choose the most convenient place for taking the test before they embark on their trip to the islands.

As is the case with all information related to COVID-19, which is updated permanently, these lists are located on the Canary Islands’ promotional website. So far the list is available in seven different countries: (Spain, United Kingdom, Germany, Sweden, France, Italy and Poland), but we are continuing to work not only to increase the number of centres in these countries, but to also make lists available in the rest of our source markets. The lists contain useful information, such as the post code, name of the centre, telephone number, website and their location on Google Maps.

The lists of authorised centres for carrying out COVID-19 tests in seven countries are available at

Without a doubt, one of the greatest difficulties we have encountered when compiling these lists was verifying whether each of the centres were duly authorised by the competent authority in each country.  

Post code search

Over the next few days, in another step taken to help our tourists search for the most conveniently located testing centre in their home country, we will include a simple website application that will enable them find the nearest centre by entering their post code, showing the results via a direct link straight to their location on Google Maps. This app, which will provide greater functionality and convenience in searches, will be initially included in the seven countries for which we have information, before being rolled out progressively to the rest of our market.

This initiative by Turismo de Islas Canarias has been very well received, as it is registering more and more requests by authorised centres who wish to be included in the lists, which shows that tourists are indeed consulting them.

* This campaign is 85% co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).


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